EcoDEVA is a non-profit affiliate of EduCARE India (175/2017/DSLA/S) with its operations based in India

Though EcoDEVA would mean as God of Environment Conservation in the local language, we have expanded it to an alternative acronym that stands for:

  • Environment Conservation Oriented Development Alternatives
  • Ethnic and Cultural Oriented Development Development Alternatives

Our Journey:

Our journey started with setting up of a memorial Trust set up in the memory of Sardar Deva Singh (1897-1977), an avid believer and practitioner of traditional medicine and ayurveda therapy, a social forester of medicinal and fruit plants who not only helped the needy and deprived but also inspired others to pursue forestation, ayurveda and environmental conservation.

It was initially focussed on contributing some funds of the inherited properies towards localised charity and welfare work or contributed to some other NGO initiatives.

Through 2011 onwards our focus shifted to developing own initiatives for conservation and sustainable development in ecologically sensitive rural areas.

Further details:

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