As the Project Director, it is my mission to work and contribute towards creating an increasing number of informed, evolved and globally aware young people who can act as responsible global citizens with the ability to influence the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world. I am passionate about grass-root level community development, social work, global citizenship and sustainable development.

Shirly KUMAR

Program Coordinator

Originally from Sydney, Australia, with a background in international development and human rights. Currently studying Emergency and Disaster Management at Charles Darwin university. My interest in development started with my experience in organising a local high school event focussed on spreading awareness amongst young high school students about social justice and gender equality organised by Sydney chapter of United Nations’ Young Women’s Association. I have been participating in various volunteering activities. I have also worked in a marketing and sales job for some time. I look forward to gaining a long-term experience in grass-root level projects alongside leadership role in EcoDEVA.