oriented welfare and development work programmes

As emerging country, India needs community based ethno-cultural oriented and environment conscious oriented welfare and inclusive community development and volunteer work initiatives to fill the need gaps created by globalised liberal economy and development. Our community development and volunteer work programmes provide opportunity for local and visitors (local tourists or the foreigners who come to travel – volunteer abroad in India) to engage in meaningful sustainable development work.

EcoDEVA has adopted a lifecycle approach with integrated programmes focused on family health, livelihood and women empowerment, and environment conservation which address the needs of the greater good through decent livelihood opportunities, health, education, live-skills, and a steady income .

Addressing the areas of need of children, healthcare to the poor, livelihood for the youth and empowerment for women, EcoDEVA has evolved as an Education NGO, Children’s NGO, Livelihood NGO, Healthcare NGO, Women’s NGO, as well as Environment and Conservation NGO in India.

Our 5 areas of community development work programmes includes:

  1. Socio-cultural Projects
    a) Creative Culture – Arts, Crafts and Theatre
    b) Women Empowerment – socio-economic gender issues, skills training, leadership development
  2. Healthcare Projects
    a) Mother and Child Health
    b) Adolescent Health / Sexual Health Education
    c) Personal Hygiene, Sanitation and Communicable Diseases
    d) Food, Nutrition, Yoga and Ayurveda, Wellness and Fitness
    e) Public Health Access and Outreach Activities
  3. Education Projects
    a) At School – Arts, Crafts and Theatre; Teaching English / other subjects
    b) After School Education – Activity and games based learning
    c) Early Childhood care and education
  4. Economic Projects
    a) Micro-finance and Micro-Entrepreneurship for Women’s Economic Empowerment
    b) Local Eco-products Development for Supporting Local Economy and Poverty Alleviation
    c) Business Management, Marketing, Retail, Product management and Sales promotion  – Village Eco Products Store
  5. Environment Projects
    a) Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture; Herbal Kitchen Garden
    b) Forests Conservation, Tree Nursery and Afforestation
    c) Water Sanitation and Solid Waste Management
    d) Re-new-able / Alternative Energy Engineering
    e) Eco-building / small scale green construction
    f) Wildlife and Animal Care

*** These 18 work areas list is not exclusive and may be expanded further. Some of the projects are seasonal.

ethno-cultural oriented and environment conscious oriented welfare and developt work programmes / initiatives