oriented welfare and development work programmes

Our world needs more environment conscious, ethno-cultural oriented and economical  inclusive development initiatives to mitigate ar fill some of the need gaps created by globalised liberal economy and modern industrial development.

ECODEVA ORG manages some eco social enterprise solutions for its partner NGOs and the communities it serves.

The initiatives include – renovation and maintenance of micro eco-building infrastructures, ecoscaping and eco-agriculture, eco-products, eco-tourism, eco-volunteering, etc.

We aim to further develop and refine these initiatives to facilitate more  meaningful, sustainable and regenerative development work.

EcoDEVA has also adopted a lifecycle approach with integrated programmes focused on environment health, sanitation and natural resources management,  livelihood and women empowerment, which address the needs of the greater good through decent eco livelihood opportunities, health, education, live-skills, and a steady income .