a) Micro-finance and Micro-Entrepreneurship for Women’s Economic Empowerment
b) Local Eco-products Development for Supporting Local Economy and Poverty Alleviation
c) (Social) Business Management, Marketing, Retail, Product management and Sales promotion – Village Eco Products Store

We see a lot of problems in developing countries that are not being addressed by the government and the business world / markets. It’s not just poverty, it’s about about many things – breaking down of sustainable communities and exclusion from society, rising long-term modern unemployment, declining eco-social healthcare. Problems that society and governments are not able to invest in fully.

Our ecoSocial enterprise inititives is the process of developing sustainable solutions for some of these neglected areas. Our eco social business ventures provide a social or ecological product or service. Although sustainibility is an underlying goal here, accumulating wealth or profits is not the objective.

The focus of the enterprise is to grow as a social venture in order to reach more people in need and positively impact one or multiple sectors of society. Hence, a great deal of the returns is reinvested in the community based eco social development and welfare projects or in the eco social enterprise to fund innivatio and new product development. The entreprises may seek social investors who are interested in negegible financial return but a good social returns on their investments.

Some of our initiatives are:

  • EcoProductStore
  • EcoHealthyFoods
  • EcoProducts and Handicrafts