Internship Programme for Academic Fieldwork and Academic Research for university students from India is aimed to:

  1. provide a framework by which graduate and post-graduate students, from diverse academic backgrounds may work in the organization for a short period of time to enhance their educational experience and global perspectives through practical work assignment; and
  2. provide the our different projects a highly motivated and talented young human resource in form of students to execute work in key thematic areas in , education, empowerment, healthcare and environment conservation. Under this program, interns with good learning and positively adapting attitude, analytical and research aptitude and capable of hard and diligent work under the guidance of organizational/institutional faculty will be selected.


Students studying in recognized colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning are eligible to apply for the programme.

Applications must be duly recommended / endorsed by a faculty member / Dean / Principal of the College / University Institution, in which the student is currently studying.

A commitment of at least 4-weeks internship and full time work from the intern.

Documents to be submitted with the Application:

(i) A resume showing academic accomplishments, work experience, language studies, volunteer experience etc, and details of a reference person Please include the email address and tel. numbers.
(ii) A copy of an ID card;
(iii) Motivation letter with a statement of intent indicating proposed fieldwork;
(iv) A letter from the college /institution for internship;


The duration of the Internship programme for Academic Fieldwork will be : Min period : 1 month; Max period : 9 months.


  1. Candidates admitted to EcoDEVA for above mentioned internship will not normally be issued any equipment. Interns must carry their own laptop / phones / cameras etc. If for any purpose, the equipment is issued to them, the same is to be well used and returned to EcoDEVA in good condition.
  2. EcoDEVA seeks interns to put their and others’ health and safety concerns above all while working with us. EcoDEVA will not be responsible for any casualty/mishap including any type of accident and resultant death or injury to body or any other type of loss of property etc, to the candidate while staying at EcoDEVA office or in field or during travel/transit. A bond to this effect has to be filled and signed by the intern, the format of which will be sent as part of the internship agreement.
  3. EcoDEVA does not provide any in-house/outsourced medical facility support to the above interns. It is advised that the interns may obtain their individual insurance (life, accident and medical) to cover any exigencies. There is only first aid kits available for minor injuries and illnesses. No medical bill of the intern(s) will be reimbursed by the organization.
  4. There will be a coordinator, mentor or a project manager responsible for each Intern, so detailed by the Operations Coordinator or the Project Director. S/he will be authorized for approving their travel, leave etc.
  5. There will be optional field visits to external facilities during the internship. For the specified and approved field visits, as part of the internship work, the Project Coordinator / Operations Coordinator / Project Director will liaise with the concerned institution/ office/ or any other agency; and the estimated costs for such an approved travel, lodging and boarding and field expenses if approved may be borne by EcoDEVA.


  1. The intern himself/herself will be responsible for the proper conduct as per the organizational code of conduct and the code of ethics, and the admission will be cancelled if the intern is found to violate these conduct rules, norms, guidelines, and indulges in any unwarranted activities, which harm organisation’s reputation and safety of other team-members.
  2. The intern will have to give an undertaking in a prescribed format for any loss, damage or mishap happening to the intern himself/herself while working at the office or field or during travel/transit

Topics/ Project for work by Interns: 

The relevant topic / project for work by intern, if being accepted, will be decided in consultations between the Project Director, the concerned Program / Institutional Coordinator and the candidate, and will be based on the availability of such project.

Selection Process:

  1. i) After receipt of the documents as mentioned in para 3 of this document; the HR Coordinator will organize an interview of the candidate with the Project Director.
  2. ii) Project Director will interact with the candidate and evaluate the suitability of the applicant with the organizational goals and discuss/finalise the fieldwork focus with the candidate.
    iii) The HR Coordinator conducts standard HR documentation and verification processes and send a provisional confirmation to the short-listed/selected candidates along with an internship agreement document to be signed by the applicant.
    iv) On receipt of the signed internship agreement form, (and a legal validation and certification support fee, if applicable) a conformation and joining instructions are sent by the HR Coordinator to the selected interns.

Saving and Repeal:

EcoDEVA may terminate the internship of a candidate at any time, if s/he is found violating in any rules/regulations of the organization.

Fee, Expenses, Stipend:

  1. i) Fee: There is no fee charged for facilitating academic fieldwork and research internships to the students applying for internship from approved Indian university / colleges. A small amount of one-time caution fee may be applicable to those who apply independently.
  2. ii) Expenses: Accommodation, power and water bills, project related approved travels and stay expenses; and the facility based internet is provided free / paid by the organisation.
    ii) Stipend: The organisation does not pay any stipend to interns. Long-tern interns may be offered some stipend/scholarship in the form of food expenses, research expenses and some additional personal allowances if found suitable for the same.

Induction Training and Identity Card:

The intern will be provided induction orientation and training for 1-week on arrival, issued an official e-mail id and an id card for use during the duration of Internship.

What’s expected of the Intern?

  1. The interns will be required to keep a daily work journal to record activities, reactions, insights and/or linkages to theoretical perspectives noting the date and times at setting.
  2. A 15-20 page paper will be required at the end of the internship in two parts – a) Project development details – describing the details of the project overview, timeline, activities, developments and outcomes with photographs; as well as address any relevant theoretical and /or applied issues.
    b) personal development details – describing in detail the internship experience, evaluation of personal growth
  1. A five minutes presentation to the EcoDEVA stake holders,