Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

Our Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India programme is a great opportunity for students and young professionals from around the world to engage in cross-cultural development and conservation work to learn and gain on-the-job exposure experience in non-profit NGO sector in various regions of India.

ecodeva-student-volunteer-internship-programIndia is home to more than one billion people with diversity and richness in geography,  culture, languages and religions. With liberalization of economy in the recent past decades some parts of India are changing fast. There are some regions and people who are interested in and are open to external contributions to help introduce environment and community oriented integrated projects.

We have found the participation of many a university students and young professionals in our work as enriching in new novel ideas, global perspectives and learning experiences. Scores of our previous interns too have found EcoDEVA India’s cross-cultural NGO volunteer internship program very valuable and exciting too.

For over a decade, we have understood an overwhelming urge among university under-graduates and graduates to volunteer-intern and travel-explore in this beautiful country. EcoDEVA invites you to join our internship program in India to support local community development initiatives, serve the cause of conservation, and share your experience and compassion with others while you complete an internship while exploring this diverse-vibrant country!

The objective of the Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India programme in India is to provide students with intense, practical opportunities to learn and experience the constituents of the non-profit community and sustainable development sector, as well as contribute to the initiatives of their areas of interest being pursued by EcoDEVA.

Time Duration / Dates : Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

ecodeva-- Volunteer - Internship Abroad in IndiaDuration >> 02 to 24 weeks.

Work Hours >> 20 to 40 hours a week

Joining Dates >> 1st and 3rd week of each month

The Internship program runs year round and works around the an interns time availability and academic requirements. It is flexible and is adjusted as per the need of the intern and the requirement of the college/university/institute. We do expect interns to apply at least 2 months before the required time. The minimum period of an internship, though is 2-weeks. We work from Monday to Friday. All interns are expected to observe agreed work hours and workplace rules like any professional employee.

Eligibility : Volunteer Internship Abroad in India NGO Internship Programme in India

We accept university students, post university young volunteers and professionals.

Costs and Incentives : Volunteer Internship Abroad in India Internship Programme in India

It is a completely voluntary, unpaid assignment. As a self-financed program you may seek funding from your college/university, an external scholarship or your own-self. We charge real time expenses and small margin to sustain our program support expenses and support our affiliate NGO work. The fee is payable at the time of signing the contract by the potential interns. The charges are economical, affordable and valuable. These will vary depending on locations and duration of volunteer work. EcoDEVA can only pay reimbursements on agreed upon expenses, you would incur during the course of your internship.

Weeks Fee 
2 Weeks  $300
4 Weeks  $400
6 Weeks  $500
8 Weeks  $700
10 Weeks  $900
12 Weeks  $1,100
16 Weeks  $1,400
20 Weeks  $1,700
24 Weeks  $2,000

he fee are competitive to the experience and professional support provided. Internship fee comprise of two separate fees. An application and administration fee of $200 USD (covers advertising, staff/office expenses, etc) and a nominal weekly program fee (covers room/board, workplace and internet, Indian SIM, fieldwork, training and mentor-ship support, certification etc).

Career Growth Incentives : Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

The interns with proven leadership skills and sense of ownership in the organisation have opportunity to apply for a 1 to 2 year of Fellowship wherein a monthly stipend is paid by the organisation to cover daily food and living costs. Additionally, the organisation will pay for extension of visa, part reimbursement of the air ticket for homewards journey at the end of Fellowship. There are also opportunities to gain additional earnings through referral marketing / sales of our affiliate online eco-organic products store or eco-volunteer-travel services.

Locations and Accommodation : Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

Volunteer - Internship Abroad in India

EcoDEVA provides contracted volunteer interns a furnished accommodation and a workplace with landline broadband or mobile phone based internet facility. Our work locations are as mentioned below:

> Leh, Ladakh
> Himachal Pradesh
> Rajasthan
> Goa – Gokarna
> Kerala

Work Opportunities – Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

Volunteer - Internship Abroad in India

If you have a particular skill or qualification and are eager to put it to use then please find below a list of the different opportunities for internship in our initiatives / facilities India:

Development Work:

Women & Girls’ – Social, Health and Economic Empowerment
> Children & Girls’ – Education, Teaching and Skills Development
> Women’s Micro Business Development and Marketing
> Health and Wellness
> Organic Vegetable and Herbal Gardening
> Food Processing and Packaging
> Eco-building
> Alternative Energy
> Disaster Management
> Tree Nursery and Forestry
> Animal Care and Wildlife

Development Work:

> Communications, PR, Media
> Project Coordinator
> Social Business / Enterprise Management
> Marketing and Sales
> Communications, Media and PR
> HR and Recruitment
> Administration and Organisation Management
> Logistics, Materials and Inventory Management
> Training and Development
> Counselling and Psychological support
> Marketing, PR and Communications

Selection and Recruitment of Volunteer Interns:

We accept applications for our Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India programme  from interested applicants around the world. An online / telephone interview with the Program Director / Coordinator is necessary.

Recent volunteer interns – Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India

We have hosted several volunteer interns from reputed Universities from India, USA, South America, UK, Germany, France, Spain,  Switzerland in the recent past months.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter detailing your work interest, location preference and dates-duration of internship to:


and/or fill the following online application form:

Form for Volunteer – Internship Programme for Indian students (Unpaid) – (2 weeks to 6 months)

Form for Volunteer – Internship Abroad in India Programme (Unpaid) – (2 weeks to 6 months)

Form for (Unpaid) Internship + (Stipend Paid) Fellowship – (6+12 months)

Form for Volunteer Work for Professionals – (2 to 24 weeks)

Graduate StudentS – NGO Internship Programme IN India