Philosophy of Volunteer-Internship for Young People

Our initiative is born out of our passion for;
a) environment conservation, and
b) ethnic cultural oriented community work. 

Our principles and beliefs for volunteer – internship program include the following goodness:

1) Its Good for young people looking out for Economical – sustainable Internship and volunteering 

We are a grassroot level organisation that wishes to offer economical internship opportunities to young professionals and university students. That’s why we charge only for the real expenses on ground with a very little amount of additional development fund that goes to our applied research work in our affiliate NGOs. Alongside our various projects, we do have very affordable eco-friendly travel / holidays deals with our affiliate organisation to help you plan your weekends or longer holidays.

2) it is good for short term interns for continued long-term engagement

We get that a lot of people only have a limited amount of time to intern or volunteer, for them, we have created an online engagement alumni forum. In this forum, they can support a project / cause from home and keep in touch long after their field internship / volunteer work.

3) It’s a good cross-cultural experience

It’s important to us that our interns and volunteers get to connect themselves with the different local culture with safety and comfort. Many of the locals too love to hear about the countries that interns and volunteers come from. Our projects are about sharing skills and building strong, lasting relationships between people from different backgrounds.

4) It’s good for international development and international relations too

It is good for the local environment, local economy, and regional culture, as much as it is good for international development / international relations.

5) IT’S GOOD FOR gaining a long-term experience

There are some interns who wish to join us for long term (6-months+) to gain experience or build their resumes. We have created a fellowship fund to support a limited number of such interns who can extend their stay further and earn some stipend as fellows to support their extended stay working as social intrapreneurs and volunteer action leaders.

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