Volunteer Program for Professionals in EcoDEVA, an NGO initiative in India, is a platform for professionals on a career break, and retirees who wish to take part in volunteer work from two weeks to several months in India.

The aim of this program is to harness the expertise and being-good humane potential of professional volunteers to contribute to our environment conscious and ethnic and cultural oriented community development and sustainable development initiatives in different parts of the country.

At EcoDEVA, we can accept a limited number of professional volunteers in one of the following locations their human compassion, knowledge and expertise will have the greatest impact. By working alongside our team as well as fellow volunteers and interns you will use your skills to help improve the people and the place positively impacting lives of some of the most economically disadvantaged people in the world.

  • Leh, Ladakh – J&K
  • Dharamsala / Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  • Bikaner – Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • Goa – Gokarna, Karnataka
  • Alleppey – Idukki, Kerala

If you have a particular skill or qualification and are eager to put it to use then please find below a list of the different opportunities for professional volunteer work in our initiatives / facilities India:

> Social Business Management, Development, Marketing

– Help us promote our social enterprises supporting our social impact projects / initiatives
– Help local poor women start / develop / promote their local / home based micro-enterprises
– Help improve management and running of a local organics, handicrafts and food store

> Health and Wellness

– Support work in a local medical care facility
– Support Family Health initiatives
– Food and Nutrition for preventive health

Organic Vegetable and Herbal Gardening

– Help train local people in organic farming of vegetables and herbs in their kitchen gardens /small farms
– Promote the concepts of small organic vegetable and herbal kitchen gardens

> Education, Teaching and Skills Development

– Support a local teacher in a local school teaching English/maths/science/computers/environment studies
– Help organising informal and alternative learning classes in the after school hours for out of school children

> Food Processing and Packaging

– Train local women in the art of healthy food processing for longer shelf life for self use at home
– Train local women in the art and craft of food processing and packaging for local sales

> Eco-building and Alternative Energy

– Help us design small eco-building and alternative-renewable energy demonstration models
– Help us promote eco-building and alternative energy products and concepts among local families
– Help in developing / restoring old and dilapidated local buildings

> Disaster Management

– Help develop / improve design of community based disaster management plans
– Help promote disaster mitigation and emergency planning at household / institutional levels

> Forestry and Wildlife

– Help us reduce degradation of forests and human-animal conflict
– Help develop / manage a tree nursery and community forestry project
– Help develop / manage an animal rescue and care project

Selection and Recruitment of Professional Volunteers:

We accept applications for professional volunteer work from interested applicants around the world. An online / telephone interview with the Program Director / Coordinator is necessary. We charge real time expenses and small margin of contribution to our projects / organisation from the potentially selected volunteers at the time of signing the contract. The charges are economical, affordable and valuable. These will vary depending on locations and duration of volunteer work.


Volunteer Program for Professionals in EcoDEVA, an NGO initiative in India

Volunteer Program for Professionals in EcoDEVA, an NGO initiative in India